Winning the Health Benefits Battle

Health Insurance Premiums in Wyoming are the highest in the country, save Alaska.  This is a serious concern for Wyoming’s employers who provide health benefits to their employees.

Our high health care costs make it hard to compete for qualified human resources against employers in lower-cost states surrounding us, and our high health care costs make it hard to provide cost competitive products and services in a national or global market.

Wyoming’s political, civic and business leaders have begun recognizing our high health care costs as a challenge to our economic development efforts and they are increasingly engaged in seeking actionable answers.

The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health is a group of public and private employers who are taking the lead in addressing our high health care costs.  We have voluntarily pooled our claims data and are ready to share early results of the analysis during our Annual Educational Conference scheduled for Oct. 10thand 11that the Ramkota in Casper.

Nationally acclaimed speakers will also be sharing tips from employers in other parts of the country who have experienced success in containing costs through improved mental health benefits, more sophisticated pharmacy benefits and by working with local providers on improving the quality of care/reducing medical errors.

Employers do not have to be helpless victims when it comes to high health care costs – there are many avenues they can pursue in the quest to better manage their health plan. However, they need to work together, to learn from each other, and be willing to take a few calculated risks together.

The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health is the unified voice of Wyoming’s employers willing to be leaders on this issue.  They are looking for additional employers interesting is becoming part of this dynamic group.  Attend their Annual Educational Conference titled “Winning the Health Benefits Battle,” on Oct. 10thand 11that the Ramkota in Casper to learn more about the Coalition.  You’ll leave with real-world, actionable suggestions that have helped other employers save money and improve the health of their employees, their family members and their bottom line.

To learn more about the conference agenda and speakers go to

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Anne Ladd

Anne Ladd

Endeavoring to find the right financial incentives to improve care coordination and quality of care. Encouraging employers to get more involved in reforming healthcare delivery to improve the health of their employees and their bottom line. Educating providers and payers through data to improve value.

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